How To Make The Best Of Your Workplace As An Introvert

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As more and more conversations about the benefits of introversion are taking place, introverts are finding ways to navigate structures that were put in place by extroverts and shatter every negative label which has been associated with them.


The workplace in which smoke breaks and coffee breaks abound, and where important discussions take place, can be daunting to an introvert. But introverts have some amazing qualities that they can use to shine in their workplace.

Read on for some tips:

1. Be True to Yourself

Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean that you dislike interacting with people, it just means that you value your alone time as well. Trying to be something you aren’t won’t bode well for you because you will just get exhausted. Instead, know your limits, if you know you need some time alone, then pushing yourself won’t help. Instead spend some time recharging so that you can actually contribute meaningfully.

2. Focus on Meaningful connections

The thought of networking events may fill with you dread. You know you have to get out there and make new connections. Introverts tend to build meaningful connections, because what they say is well thought out. So you can translate this skill of yours into an office environment as well. Go beyond the small talk, try to find out more about the person and what makes them tick. Trying to connect with people will leave you feeling satisfied and full.


3. Hone your unique leadership style

You may not be the loudest person in the room, but you can be firm at the same time. You value others' time and take the time out to listen to people. If you hone these skills then people will flock to you, and look to you for mentorship. You can lead by example, and can be counted on to weather through a storm because of your calm and stable nature.

4. Prepare for meetings, talks etc

Sometimes introverts do not like being put on the spot, and if you are one of them then be well prepared for any meeting or talk you have to give. If you know what you are talking about then you will automatically want to share with others. Introverts often think better on their own, while extroverts like thinking out loud. So before a meeting, request the agenda to be sent out in advance, so you can have the time to think out your suggestions.

5. Believe In yourself

Tolerate and accept your nature. Respect that you need time to recharge and that you like spending some time alone. And know there are many like you! Once you are sure and confident of yourself, you will be able to handle the workplace much better! And you will be surprised to find many others like you. In fact, many world leaders and CEOs are introverts.

So go out there and conquer the world!

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