How To Create a Transition Ritual from Work to Home

Push the right buttons, change your attitude, create time for yourself and transform things

Monica Jasuja
Jul 06, 2016 13:21 IST
How To Create a Transition Ritual from Work to Home

A couple of years back, I used public transportation every single day to work and back. Crowded trains, rare to ever be seated but every minute in that train helped me disconnect (no Telco really works underground even in the most advanced countries) and stare into the infinite reality of a big crowd, countless faces and imagined conversations between people. I used to reach home a little tired physically but mentally the break helped and the sync with US hours right after was clinically managed without complaints.


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Then things changed, driving back or being in traffic for what seemed like eternity just pushed all the wrong buttons for me and I disintegrated fairly quickly into feeling absolutely lacklustre by the evenings with my only pick-me-up being caffeine or food, both equally bad when used to compensate something else.

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Understand from speaking to others in the same situation: its more common than we think: no energy to do anything, not even a stroll with the family or a quick game of your favorite sport, nothing strenuous or earth shattering in terms of stamina. The energy drain can be attributed to the traffic, long hours, lack of sleep, bad boss, great work just too much of it, too unfit, a lot of that and certainly too much of this.

UnplugSee a little or a lot of yourself in the above description and reasons for being in a vegetative state by the evening, you’re not alone, we are in good company. Anxitea to the rescue, oops I meant get some calming tea and mull over this: How about if you create a Transition Ritual and follow it every day till it becomes a habit? Let’s dissect further with: 5 W's & 1H

 1. What


Pick an activity: What do you like doing that relaxes you?

Playing with your kids, A stroll in the park, walking your dog, or just people watching?

2. Who


Who will be your partner in this activity? No one is as good as someone whose supportive and holds you accountable but without stress

 3. Where

Pick a place where you will indulge in this activity


Favorite patch of green that you connect with where you can spend a couple of minutes and feel happiness? A couch at home where putting your feet up is relaxing or even a coffee shop for a good brew and a book for company?

 4. When

A time slot where you do close business hours and unplug from work to start your transition ritual everyday


 Typically everyone just goes right back home after work but if you didn’t or went home and like your evening tea at a particular time, what time would that be? For me, it’s after arriving back home (or in the hotel) and before my evening calls.

5. Why

Write down 3 reasons why you should unplug every day and why this transition ritual will help. Here is mine

  • Refresh
  • Time for Introspection (on what went well, what didn’t & what could I have done differently)
  • Me time

6. How

Connect all the dots together and create a transition ritual for yourself.

Here is mine: Walk in the neighborhood park for 15 mins (4 rounds) followed by a couple of mins on the kids swing if there aren’t any children around, usually aren’t at 8 pm. Though I admit I do look foolish I always end up smiling, always.

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I hope you will create your transition ritual that will alleviate your anxiety and enable you into being an energetic you for yourself, the family and maybe even (on a rare occasion) work much after the workday is over. I would love to hear from you -Post any feedback or question you have in the comment box below, or tweet to me @jasuja on Twitter.

About the author: Monica Jasuja is a Payments Ninja specializing in Digital Payments Initiatives to further India’s progress as a less cash dependent economy. She is a Product Strategist with work experience in 4 geographies globally and brings knowledge and firsthand experience of designing, developing products with the wow factor. This article expresses her personal views, and not those of any of her employers—past, present or future. Monica is available on Twitter: @jasuja

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