We all know how running is good for our mind and body both. But are we also aware how running can actually hone your leadership skills? According to a research, where 400 women executives were surveyed, having a sports background can accelerate a woman’s leadership potential. If you’re a runner, you can already relate to how this activity helps one person focus, persevere and achieve goals. But for all those who need some convincing, here are some tips on how this activity harnesses skills in an individual.

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Runners are extremely focused. For the simple reason that they need to balance their body in a rhythm to reach their destination. An imbalance can cause a muscle pull, which obviously is a painful affair. Just as in a boardroom, one needs to be attentive and focused. Focus on your goal and lead your people to that goal, surpassing hurdles.

Decision making

Now if you’re wondering what decision making has to do with running, let me tell you how runners think. They decide on a goal. Time, place, speed, distance, even weather conditions for that matter are a consideration when it comes to planning a run. Decision making helps an individual plan their careers and important events.


…to achieve your goal! A lack of determination will make no work any better. You’ll be stuck in a muck till its too late. They ability to stay on course without hindrance is something that will take an individual ahead.

Believe in yourself

As it says, if you don’t believe in yourself. No one will. Confidence is one thing that will take you miles (in this case, in your career). A leader bound to get to her goals with the help of confidence. Who likes to follow anyone who isn’t sure of herself anyway?


This should have probably been the first thing on the list. If you don’t love what you’re doing, you won’t get far ahead. Sure, there re exceptions, but why would you want to push yourself hard for something you don’t enjoy anyway? The thirst to do better comes with passion. And a leader is always passionate about his goals and vision.

Not just running, but physical activities have a strong impact on an individual. Sports is more than just running around, for a lot of people it is close to teachings that can be universal. So next time you’re watching a game, be sure of learning a thing or two about leadership.

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