Hostel rules ridiculous: Hindu College undergrads condemn administartion

Students of Hindu College condemn the administration for coming out with the new Hostel rules which include dress codes, curfews, night out permissions.

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“I think we are being regressive about hostel rules. The moral policing that’s happening is so over the top,” says one of the female undergraduate students studying English Honours at Hindu College. This, in reaction to the rules for its new girl’s hostel of the College, which have taken the University by storm. Even the price hike in the hostel fee is exorbitant according to the students and the college staff.


The rules laid out in the prospectus for admission of new students especially the ones choosing campus residence consists of dress codes, curfews, night-out permissions, to name a few. The dress code rule instructed female students to dress up according to the 'norms of the society' has naturally not been received well at all. Also,  while the other colleges in DU account for six night-outs in a month, Hindu college has made provision for only one.

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“We have six night-outs in a month and if we take permission from the warden, then we are allowed to come late or spend the night outside. Even guy friends and relatives are allowed in the hostel till six in the evening. Also, in our hostel there is no restriction in terms of clothing and movement in the campus. So the rules Hindu has come up with are really bizarre and old-world,” says Ruchi, resident of Undergraduate hostel for girls, DU.

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This brings out the sharp distinction between other college hostels and Hindu girl’s hostel in Delhi University. It is only after 117 years of its inception that Hindu college has built its first girl’s hostel. But the move which should have been welcomed otherwise has not been received well and for all the right reasons.


A heartening fact here is that even the male students are agitated at the administration. “First of all, a statement like the normal norms of the society is pretty ridiculous. Forget about the sexist aspect of it, what do you mean by the norms of the society? What this statement has done is open up a way to abuse anyone because people might find anything as against the norms of the society for them. It is really vague,” says Rohan, undergraduate student at Hindu college.

Former warden of the Boy’s hostel of Hindu, Poonam Sethi completely supports the cause of the girls and is with the students against the new rules system. She cites that the college has not taken into view the advice from the professors and the administration has laid down the rules for the girl’s hostel by themselves. “I have total faith in the wisdom of the teachers and this wouldn’t have happened if the administration had taken their suggestions.”

“The rules must be equal for both the genders. When the boys have got so much freedom in the Hindu hostel, then why can’t girls? They are all 18-year-olds and should be treated likewise and not like school kids.”

We must say we completely agree!

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