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“We need to bang the head of America to let them know that it needs female directors,” demanded actor Jodie Foster. Her comments came during the premiere of her new action film 'Hotel Artemis' on May 19.


“I said it and I’ll keep saying it — I want to direct,” Foster explained to The Hollywood Reporter“And I will direct more than I acted.”

Foster believes Hollywood underestimates female directors and never let go off the yachting male bastion mannerism. According to the filmmaker, the rise of female directors in America is long overdue. “It’s America that’s the problem, and it has been for a very long time,” Foster said She said a fraction of the film industry has been the “last area” that needs to see a change. She even compared Hollywood with Europe, and pointed out that “Europe has always been ahead” and open in terms of having women directors.

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Furthering her arguments on the need for female directors in Hollywood, Foster said, “Just look at Wonder Woman.”

She pointed out that Director Patty Jenkins, the woman behind the iconic film, has garnered praise worldwide, for making Gal Gadot's chatacter a role model who broke stereotypes on and off screen.

Foster’s new film is set in the “near-future” Los Angeles. She plays 'The Nurse', and her mission is to take care of the city’s criminals in a law-breakers'-only hospital


The movie is written and directed by Drew Pearce, who made his directorial debut.

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“It was a kernel of an idea that I had seven years ago while drinking tea in the garden,” Pearce told THR. “To see it come to this, well, it really has been an amazing journey.”

He went on to say that working with a cast of seasoned pros came with some nerves, but overall brought a sense of reassurance.

“You know that when the person at the helm has the passion, it’s easier to trust them,” said Sterling K Brown, Foster's co-star“He really let us relinquish any anxiety we might have had,” he added.

Besides Foster, the Hotel Artemis premiere was attended by her co-stars Brown, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Day, Brian Tyree Henry and Dave Bautista.


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