Hollywood actress Meryl Street says India’s Daughter, an Oscar-winning film

Meryl Streep, the famous Hollywood actress and a staunch feminism supporter was quoted as saying that the controversial film – India’s Daughter on the December Gang rape case – deserves an Academy Award.  “I’m on the campaign now to get her [Udwin] nominated for best documentary. When I first saw [the film], I couldn’t speak afterwards,” said the actress, who introduced the film before its US theatrical release in New York last Wednesday night, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

India’s Daughter is a document by BBC reporter Leslee Udwin, who brought back the issue of women safety that got lost in the silence after the out pour of public agony against the most heinous gang rape of all times. The film features an interview with one of the rapists, Mukesh Singh who has passed some insulting remarks about women of the Indian society and culture. The rapist has been found justifying the rape and putting all the blame on women.

After seeing this, the Indian government decided to ban the documentary in Indian. It was supposed to be released on March 4 this year. It even led to the complete black screen on the popular news channel, NDTV, which was supposed to air the documentary.

The ban has been followed by Udwin losing faith in the Indian government. Udwin had said that opposition to her work in India stemmed from ‘misogynist’ cultural traditions and ‘misplaced’ national pride.

“Like many countries on Earth, national pride comes into the decision, but I think it’s a misplaced notion. I think it has boomeranged and backfired. It breaks my heart that India, the world’s largest democracy, opted to engage in the very un-democratic act of banning a film,” she said, states IB Times.

The documentary is going to be released in quite a few countries, opening the theatres in US as a first on 23 October. Other screenings involve countries from Iceland to China.

Picture Credit- The Weather Space

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