Hockey Player Breastfeeds During Game Breaks, Sets Example

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Serah Small

When men play (any) sport, the main focus is to win. The scenario is slightly different for women. Besides kicking down opponents, a sportswoman dons multiple hats while getting into that jersey – including that of a mother.


A recent such example is this Canadian mom breastfeeding her baby girl in between her hockey game.

Netizens were awestruck seeing Serah Small, a hockey player and teacher in Grande Prairie, Alberta, nursing her kid while going ‘hockey’. She somehow found time in between breaks and fed her 8-week-old baby in the changing room.

"This is what self-care and breastfeeding looks like," the caption read

Clearly stating that a woman has every right to breastfeed her child whenever and wherever required, Serah told Milky Way, "I felt my milk come in and leak as I played and between periods I would strip down to feed my 8-week-old babe."

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Serah also shared her own photo of breastfeeding , captioning she's "been so scared to post this photo that I absolutely adore"

"Being a mom is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy I got to do something I absolutely love while still meeting my baby's needs," she added. "Our bodies are amazing and this weekend was the first time I truly appreciated mine."

While speaking to CBC, Serah lauded her teammates’ spirit to appreciate the mother’s dual roles too. "We just continued getting ready. It wasn't a big deal, other than they thought she was so cute. So that was it, it was normal," she said.

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Speaking about the need for awareness about breastfeeding, Serah wrote:


"Why? Because society has made sexual. After sharing the photo with a lactation consultant that has me and Ellie, I have come to realize that it should not be something to be ashamed of but proud of"

It is crucial that we eradicate the stigma attached with “breastfeeding in public”.

Kudos to Serah for her powerful stand!

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