Hilary Clinton campaigns for upcoming democratic elections

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been is campaigning hard for the 2016 elections. She is being seen at different events promoting women’s issues. After mentioning that more than 100 women are running as Democratic candidates for Congress this year, Clinton said, “It’s time to elect leaders who will fight for everyone to get a fair shot at the American dream… I can’t think of a better way to make Congress start working for American families again than electing every last one of them,” reported Washington Post.


It has been reported that Clinton has campaigned in Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, Michigan, New York, Florida, amongst other places, in support of Democratic Senate in the last month. She has participated in several fundraising events that included “Ultimate Women’s Power Luncheon” as well.


According to a report by Washington Post, Clinton’s appearances such with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf in Philadelphia two weeks ago, on the themes of strengthening the middle class and reducing pay inequity for women, are also helping her campaign for 2016.


[Picture Courtesy: Still 4 Hill]


In her public appearances, she seems more at ease now. When she recently went to Colorado, she jokingly asked the barista about the leaf design in an espresso drink being a cannabis plant leaf, in reference to Colorado’s marijuana legalization. Many feel this was missing during her campaigns in 2008.


Where DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, denied that her presence in the fundraisers having to do anything with her probable candidacy, he said, “The only downside to Hillary Clinton appearing at a DCCC fundraiser is that you need a room large enough. It’s indisputable that many people want her to run, but even in the absence of her candidacy she’s still Hillary Clinton. She’s a historical figure and one of the biggest draws in American politics.”


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Washington Post