Heroism at gunpoint: Dehradun’s Mitali Shah

Being held at gunpoint

A young girl’s bravery has become the talk of the town in Dehradun. Mitali Shah, an employee of UCO bank in Uttrakhand, set an example of courage by stopping a bank robbery and saving the lives of her co-workers in the process. [Feature Image Credit: Wikipedia]

On 20th of February this year, on a day when there were very few employees in UCO  bank, a robber entered wearing a helmet, and realizing the lack of people around, took out his gun and pointed it at the person handling the cash, which turned out to be Mitali. “I was shocked as he pointed the gun and asked me to put the cash in the bag. I started collecting the cash and told him to put the gun down” says Mitali. The robber threatened everyone else as well, warning them not to raise an alarm.

Mitali was no doubt afraid at first, but on gathering her senses she realised that she could take a chance with the robber. She firmly told him that she wouldn’t hand over the cash. Seeing her courage, another girl named Majulika, pressed the siren. Hearing the alarm, robber ran away in panic, and the young girls saved the day. When she was asked what inspired her, Mitali’s reply was simple: “Neerja”.

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In recognition of their courage, Mitali along with the two other employees will be awarded the Tilu Rauteli Award by the State Government. Investigations are still on to nab the robber, but Mitali’s act of heroism clearly proves that standing one’s ground even in a life threatening situation can make a great difference to the outcome.

Three cheers for heroic women!