Here’s Why This NASA Intern’s Photo Is On Your Timeline

Indian NASA Intern NASA Intern's Photo
Indian NASA Intern: After NASA released pictures of their interns working at the organisation, many Twitter users were seen trolling the Indian intern’s picture. The fourth picture of the NASA interns showed a girl ( assumed to be Indian) sitting on a desk with Hindu god sculptures.

NASA shared the picture of four youngsters wearing the shirt with NASA’s logo on it. These pictures were of interns from different ethnicity, religion and race.

As the American Space organisation has started accepting intern applications from July 10, it tweeted a thread of four pictures with previous NASA interns.

Netizens were quick to notice the Indian intern and troll the pictures. A user asked if NASA would be accepting a 70-year-old intern as the picture were of youngsters only.

The Indian NASA Intern’s photo had her sitting with her laptop on a table along with idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and more.

One group of users criticised the way the idols and workspace of the Indian girl at the same place while many others criticised NASA for putting up a stereotypical image of an Indian girl.

Within this debate in the comments section, many tweeted in support saying they are completely okay with the fact the Indian NASA intern had Hindu idols beside her.

After this debate started on Twitter many different users started sharing their views and opinions about how scientists are often believers in religion. One user shared a quote by Werner Heisenberg which says, “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but God is waiting at the bottom for you.”

A Twitterati replied to the thread with the image of Puja Roy who is also a NASA intern and sister of Pratima Roy was seen in the picture.

NASA had shared the pictures of the Roy sisters along with their interview on the occasion of Women’s History Month.