Here's Why Reading is a Good Habit

Malvika Shah
May 09, 2017 07:23 IST
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Reading opens a whole new world in front of you. It gives wings to your imagination, lifts your spirit and provides you with an abundance of knowledge.


Here are some reasons why reading books is beneficial:

1) It helps build a good Vocabulary: Reading adds a varied range of words to your vocabulary, and can give you fancy ways to use the words you already know. Usage of correct words at a correct time can help you communicate your point effectively.

2) Helps you Focus better: Reading books is not similar to reading blogs, it involves a lot of characters and sub-stories and different plot lines, you need focus and concentration to understand the story. Reading a book cuts you off from the world and gets you focused on one thing, thus helping you improve your attention span.


3) It helps you to get a different Perspective: When you read fiction or real life stories, you get to learn about how similar situations can be perceived differently. You will learn how everyone can be right in their own way. It helps in being open-minded.

4) Keeps your Brain Stimulated: Reading is an exercise of the brain, and just like any other part of your body needs exercise brain needs it too. It can also slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power.

5) Reduces Stress: Reading cuts you off from the present for the time being and thus diverting your mind from whatever troubles you have, also self-help books teach how to cope with stress and provide much-needed inspiration and motivation.


6) Knowledge:  Reading a blog on a topic can give you an overview, but reading a book can give you detailed information.

7) It improves your Memory: There are myriad characters and sub-plots to remember when you’re reading a book, interestingly with every new memory your brain creates synapses and strengths the existing ones. This helps in short-term memory recall.

8) Improves Analytical Thinking: Reading mystery and suspense stories are carefully analysing them improve your analysing skills, it makes your mind alert.

9) It makes you a better Speaker: Reading makes you experience things you might not have experienced in real life or stories to tell that you may not have lived. It gives you topics to break the ice and hold an interesting conversation. Other than that reading even teaches you the art of storytelling.

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