Here's What 5 Women Entrepreneurs Would Tell Their Younger Selves

Charvi Kathuria
May 01, 2017 06:42 IST
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The journey of entrepreneurship is not an easy one. Even more, if you are a woman, obstacles will be manyfold since there will be a dual struggle of establishing yourself as an entrepreneur while overcoming your insecurities as a woman. But once these roadblocks are eliminated, every day seems to be an opportunity to grow and learn.


SheThePeople.Tv spoke to 5 Female Entrepreneurs about what they would tell their younger self.

Know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. As an IT Masters Graduate and now a Social Entrepreneur, people see me as intelligent and highly capable of anything. Growing up shy and introverted, I have always struggled with viewing myself as someone who could succeed in a male-driven industry; even more, be a founder of a business. I wish I had believed in myself a lot earlier. - Thokozile Mangwiro, Hair Care And FMCG Entrepreneur, Founder, Nyla Naturals

The minute you think you are doing tremendously well, tell yourself something is not right. Don't get complacent. Take a chance on yourself and build the strength inside you to take risks. - Shaili Chopra, Founder, SheThePeople.TV, India

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Be bold and unafraid. Trust your instincts and speak up – let your voice be heard. There is nothing more painful than wanting to have your voice heard, but you’re scared and therefore you keep silent – that’s partly how I found my voice in writing. Even as an adult, there are moments I remind myself to speak up. - Phumeza Mzaidume, Communications Expert in Africa

 My advice to my younger self would be don’t shrink back for anyone, be comfortable and embrace your success. I used to be a people pleaser. So if I noticed that my small success made someone uncomfortable then I would quickly run behind the curtain software life’s stage and mute my voice. - Rebecca Munyuki, Performance Marketing Leader, IBM Security and Commerce Solutions - Middle East & Africa region

Mistakes are a part of life and the mistakes I made have helped me reach where I am today. So, the only advice that I would like to give my younger self is to keep moving! - Parushni Aggarwal, StudioCREO

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