Here is a look at some of the ‘Pink Collar jobs’

Where we are always talking about how women are under-represented in most fields, we often don’t mention the sectors that have been taken over by women completely. Business Insider lists some of the ‘Pink-Collar’ jobs that are currently highly dominated by women.


Topping this is list is the number of female Registered Nurses. According to the report, nine out of ten registered nurses are female. While some may think of it as a job that involves care-taking of the needy; we should not forget that one needs good medical training to succeed in the profession.


Another profession that is completely dominated by women in the medical sector is Medical and Health Services Management. Most Social workers and Counselors were also found to be female in the research. On similar lines most Psychologists and Human Resource management employees also tend to be women.


Other professions where women were found to be amply present with the male-female employee ratio being almost the same are: Veterinary doctors, examiners and investigators, accountants and auditors, Public Relations managers, advertising and promotions managers, amongst a few others.


Most don’t realize this, but even though it’s hard for women to break into the male-dominated STEM fields, once they do, and succeed; they often get the same recognition as men. However, when men take on these pink collar jobs, the stigma attached to them is extremely bad, since these are all considered to be ‘women’s jobs.’


The Business Insider report states that Teresa Ghilarducci told the New York Times that issues like this stigma around “women’s work,” make it more difficult for companies to find the best matches when hiring. Needless to mention, as compared to the male dominated jobs, these are all relatively low-paying jobs.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Business Insider

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