Here’s What Hema Malini Said About Politician’s Remark “I Don’t Want To Be Hema Malini”

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Bharatiya Janta Party Member of Parliament Hema Malini responded to politician Jayant Chaudhary who recently sparked controversy with his statement using Hema Malini’s name.

The politician had claimed that his party member was offered membership of Bharatiya Janta Party with a promise that he will be made Hema Malini of the party. To which Chaudhary said, “I don’t want to become Hema Malini.” The remark by Rashtriya Lok Dal leader sparked controversy. The Mathura MP Hema Malini has now given her sharp comeback to Chaudhary. She said, “Obviously, he cannot!”

Hema Malini Jayant Chaudhary Controversy:

The MP said that it is difficult to Hema Malini. She added, “Hema Malini banna mushkil hai… it is very difficult… I have worked so hard to become this Dream Girl… You think Jayant Chaudhary can become Hema Malini? Sahi bola (He is right).”

Jayant Chaturvedi has joined hands with Samajwadi Party Leader Akhilesh Yadav to go against Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party BJP ahead of state polls which is going to start from Thursday. Chaudhary’s party RLD had won one seat in the 2017 state polls, Hema Malini is the Member of Parliament from the same seat of Mathura.

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Chaudhary was called out many for dragging the name of BJP MP while accusing the Union Home Minister Amit Shah of trying poach one of his party leaders. The RLD leader also claimed to have snubbed many overtures from BJP.

Chaudhary had said, “I don’t know what all they keep saying about me…Not that they have any love or feeling for me. I tell them — ‘What will you get by appeasing me? I don’t want to be Hema Malini? What will you do for the people? What have you done for the families of the seven farmers? Why is Ajay Mishra Teni still a minister?” After heavy backlash on his comment, the politician later said that he did not mean to deride Hema Malini.

The assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh will be held in seven phases and the results will be declared on March 10.