The first thing that strikes you about her is her “nothing is impossible” attitude. An economics junkie, she absolutely loves challenges and encourages her team to come together to swap ideas.  The ever so competitive media relations world has seen many come and go, but Minoti Makim and her team of tenacious women are here to stay and make a mark. The name Carpe Diem is apt then for her Pune based Public Relations and Communications firm, because if there is one thing she knows, it’s how to design a strong strategy for your brand.

The dive into the media relations pool.
Carpe Diem is a concept that became a reality quite organically. I started with branding and copywriting for hospitality and retail and then diversified into PR and events as and when clients needed. Over time our business has grown to encompass all this and more. We strategise and work closely with our clients and mostly on a retainership model. We do PR, Social Media, Social Connect, Branding, Corporate Communications, Events.

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Thriving on Communication and Interactions
My earliest passion was words! Ever since I could string words together, I remember writing poetry and stories, which my artist mother lovingly encouraged and saved. Communication and creativity have always been my driving forces and throughout my life I have been fortunate to have great opportunities and experiences with some amazing people. I find people, projects and markets infinitely fascinating and I love everything I do. The greatest role in my life so far has been to be a mother to my two wonderful children who are my wings in flight!

The challenges of starting up an enterprise
Challenges are a daily thrill in life and keep me on my toes. No gender specific challenges or limitations … lots of mutual respect and teamwork.

An All-women business
We work hard and play hard. Women in India need to assert themselves, be professional and not give into societal or familial pressures when it comes to delivering on the job. Being an all woman team we usually compromise, coordinate and come together to really define ‘team spirit’. Discussion versus bitching or complaining, professional responses versus emotional outbursts and applying oneself rationally and strategically goes a long way.

Minoti Makim
Woman power at Carpe Diem

The entrepreneur’s essential checklist
Passion, vision, drive and hard work … the ability and the perseverance to do everything yourself when necessary and the maturity to delegate the rest of the time. Micro managing works upto a point, empowerment goes a longer way!

The inspiration comes from…

Everywhere! People, nature, sun shine, a song, books, anything and everything that enters your consciousness can be an inspiration if you are open.