Haryana’s Sex Ratio On The Upswing: 900 Girls Per 1,000 Boys

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Good news from the state which is infamous for its skewed sex ratio. Haryana — for the first time in 10 years — has shown a noticeable upward trend with the number of girls crossing 900 mark for the year 2016. It is a remarkable feat as 12 districts of the state have recorded sex ratio of 900 or above the 900 mark. Sirsa district topped the list where the number of girls stood at 999 per 1,000 boys.

Speaking on the subject, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar showed the statistics that prove none of the districts is below 850 mark, citing the Civil Registration System (CRS) data, as reported by Economic Times.

Khattar gives the credit of this success to the state, adding that the year’s statistics is highly laudable in contrast to the statistics of 2011, when Haryana had the worst sex ratio of 834:1000 among all states in the country.

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The overall mission is to achieve an equal sex ratio for the entire state. According to the CM, the state government is probing its concerns by making efforts to improve the sex ratio, and now it has gone up and achieved marked improvement in the Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB).

Not only that, the statistics available for sex ratio, pointed out that of the 5,25,278 children born in the state from January to December 2016, there were 2,76,414 boys and 2,48,864 girls and the sex ratio at birth touched the mark of 900.

We believe the implementation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to have the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao‘ programme launched from Panipat on January 22, 2015, is finally paying off. Also, another effort, ‘Selfie with Daughter‘ both in the country and abroad is also responsible for the improvement in sex ratio.

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The Ex-MLA of Indri, Dr Ashok Kashyap, was caught red-handed while getting a sex detection test conducted and put behind bars. Also, about 400 FIRs were registered under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques and Medical Termination of Pregnancy Acts against the offenders after successful raids, including 75 conducted across the border in adjoining states in the last one year, the CM claimed.

The numbers are still not great, but definitely a significant development. The state, which led in female foeticide, is now being considered as a saviour for them. We celebrate and support the girl children because they are the FUTURE!

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