To tackle crimes against women better, the Haryana government has resolved to integrate its helpline number i.e. 1091. The helpline will support distressed women of Haryana at every point in day or night, said Chief Secretary D S Dhesi, and Additional Chief Secretary (Home) S S Prasad.

The government is establishing one centre where officials will take calls and take actions to help women. Earlier, the helpline was working only at the district level. Officials will attend to calls on this centralised system and provide integrated support and assistance to women, added Prasad.

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The last week saw rape reports coming from different parts of the state. This led to the opposition attacking the Khattar government for failing to manage the law and order situation in the state

On 14 January, the Haryana Police reported that two minor Dalit girls were allegedly raped and murdered in two separate cases. This happened less than a month after a similar case where a six-year-old girl was found dead in the state.

On Jan 13, a 23-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped and gangraped in a moving car in the Old Faridabad area. In another case, police arrested a 50-year-old man for mutilating the private parts of a 10-year-old girl at a place near Pinjore.

The state is also contemplating on setting up a special fast track court to speed up trials in women’s cases.

Other states also have their own helpline numbers and UP’s 100 helpline number has shown great results in the past. However, Haryana needs to do much more than just centralizing its helpline. And honestly, it is worrying how much can helplines contribute to tackle crimes against women. The government and the state police system cannot solve such horrific cases of rape and murders just with helpline numbers.

Picture credit- Daily Mail

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