You know the change is beginning to show when in all areas, departments, regions and parts of the world, when men start accepting women on their own turf. He for she and she for he is becoming a global trend now.

In one of the reports about the changing mentality and progressive thinking, the Spee Club of Harvard University, known for being an all boys club, has sent out invitations to its girl students as well to join the club first time ever in the university’s 163-year-old history.

The pressure to be gender neutral on the club started in 1984 by the university. At that time, the adamant club severed all ties with the university itself and moved out. However, it all happened just now on Friday when some girls received an invite letter slipped from under their doors and sealed “S”

“There is a strong sense that it’s an idea whose time has come, given the role of women in the classroom and the world of work after Harvard,” said John Hanson, Vice-President of Spee to the NY times.

Harvard is home to eight such exclusive all-males clubs which students can be a part of before graduating. These clubs offer a tight alumni network, which can be of immense help to its members, in their careers. The list of its famous members includes Theodor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and the Winklevosstwins.

This might be new for Harvard to let women in their all-boys clubs, but Yale and Princeton did it years ago.

Picture Credit- Harvard University