Harassed By Her Husband, In-Laws, Woman Jumps Into River With Infant

Mandeep Kaur suicide case
In Ahmedabad’s Amraiwadi district on Sunday, a 26-year-old woman died up suicide by jumping into a river with her five-month-old infant. After allegedly being tormented by her husband and in-laws, the woman went to such extremes.

The deceased woman has been identified as Manisha Vaghela, a Navrangpura-based private bank employee. On Sunday morning, Manisha left her home with her newborn and came to the riverfront route near Ellis Bridge.

She jumped into the river with the child, according to officials. Following the incident, personnel from Ahmedabad Fire & Emergency Services (AFES) recovered two bodies near Ellis Bridge.

In the meantime, the AFES crew informed the deceased woman’s brother (Jatin Vaghela) about the incident, and the remains were sent to Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

In this case, the deceased woman’s husband Rajesh Maru and in-laws have been charged with helping suicide and domestic violence by the Sabarmati riverfront (west) police.

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According to the lawsuit, Manisha’s husband harassed her on a frequent basis. When her husband became intoxicated, he tortured her on a regular basis, she notified her relatives about the situation.

She met her family members for the last time on December 8 and informed them about her life. “Maru was pressuring her to go back to work and start earning so he could gather money to buy alcohol,” Manisha’s brother Jatin said in his police complaint. Manisha couldn’t start work immediately because the infant was too young.”

Manisha married Maru on June 20, 2020. Because Maru had previously married and had a drinking problem, her family was opposed to the union. Following her marriage, they cut off all communication with her, but they were aware that her husband allegedly tormented her on a frequent basis.

Jatin Vaghela claimed that his parents consoled her and returned her to Maru, hoping that things would be better in the future. However, she was allegedly beaten up by Maru again on the night of Saturday and Sunday, causing her to abandon the house with the baby and take drastic action.