She is proud of her sexuality and makes no bones about it. And if you thought porn stars were bereft of intelligence, well her interview appearances have very clearly shattered that presumption.  Of Indian origin but brought up in Canada, Sunny Leone’s tryst with India started with her appearance on reality show Big Boss. And today ten films and numerous television appearances later, it would be safe to say that she has made people stand up an take notice. After all, it does take guts to admit that you were in the porn industry, and what’s more, hold up your head high when you talk about it. So today on Sunny Leone’s birthday, we bring you five instances that prove how gutsy this woman is :

  • Originally called Karenjit Kaur Vohra, when Sunny won the Penthouse Pet of the Year, she took the initiative of breaking the news to her family herself.  She did not want her relatives to ever come to her parents and reveal the reality to them. And most importantly, she wanted to stay truthful to them.  Full marks for honesty there to Sunny!
  • Bollywood wasn’t too kind to her initially, with some quarters slamming her and judging her for the past. But here Sunny showed her gumption again, digging in her heels to prove to everyone that she might be an ‘adult entertainment star’ but she is no prostitute.
  • In a recent interview with Bhupendra Chaubey of IBN Live, which created a huge buzz on social media, Sunny replied to some very sexist questions and judgmental comments that came her way with utmost grace, coming out tops in the encounter. She especially refused to admit to any regrets about being a porn star.
  • Married to Daniel Webber, Sunny is absolutely secure about her past. She shows no regret whatsoever, but in fact talks about it with the same decency that she talks with about Bollywood.
  • To an allegation that her adult content was taking Indian husbands away from their wives,  Sunny responded as cool as a cucumber, smilingly stating that she doesn’t need any one’s husband because she has her own.
  • And most recently, when rumors surfaced that she has a no-onscreen kiss clause on her contract for movies, Sunny- the queen of cool, posted a picture on Instagram kissing her husband on his lips, mocking the rumor in the most elegant and funny manner.

Feature Image Credit: The One India