Happy Birthday To The Champion Of Women's Rights, Aamir Khan

Charvi Kathuria
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Aamir Khan on 'Satyamev Jayate' Picture By: IndiaTV News

Bollywood's perfectionist, Aamir Khan, is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. Apart from having an illustrious career that deserves a thunderous applause, Aamir Khan is also a true feminist at heart who doesn't shy away from celebrating womanhood. His interviews, his movie choices and his ideology, all have "women empowerment" written large on it.


On the occasion of this conscientious actor's birthday, let us discuss the various reasons for which he is rightly called,"the champion of woman's rights."

1. His role in Dangal

"Humari Chhoriyan Chhoro se Kamm Hai Kya"? ( Are our daughters any less than the boys?). This dialogue from Aamir's recent movie Dangal has become a symbol of celebrating daughters. The old, yet indomitable, Aamir Khan won our hearts when he encouraged and trained both his daughters to become international level wrestlers. His character portrayed social values that are must for very father to imbibe.

2. The new commercial ad by Star Plus

The Star Plus ad starring Aamir Khan boasting about his daughters' acumen that helped his sweets shop flourish is so heartwarming. He, once again, through the ad, made it very clear that success doesn't differentiate between boys and girls.

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3. Satyamev Jayate

In a country scared to challenge social norms, Aamir Khan took a step in the positive direction by talking about sensitive issues that plague the society. From dowry to female infanticide, from sexual harassment to lavish weddings, he tried everything he could to apprise the audience with the misdeeds done to women in the name of gender. Kudos to him for that!

4. His relationship with daughter Ira

Besides being the perfect actor, he is also a doting father. He is often spotted spending quality time with his daughter Ira. He has always encouraged his daughter to pursue whatever she wants to. Ira is also a big fan of her father's work. This was evident when she was recently spotted promoting Dangal.

5. His Philanthropic endeavors

Aamir has shown a lot of interest in initiatives that promote women empowerment. In 2014, he inaugurated Gauravi-an anti women harassment center. He has also helped Delhi's Azad Foundation in its endeavor of supporting victims of domestic violence. Through the funds received, the organisation has been able to start its own car hire services. According to their website, whenever in Delhi Aamir makes it a point to hire a Sakha cab to promote the service.


SheThePeople.TV wishes him a very Happy Birthday.

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