Haldi, Moringa, Lime Water: Anushka Sharma’s Recipe To Boost Immunity

Anushka Sharma

From giving a haircut to her husband, baking a cake to goofing around with her pet dog, Anushka Sharma is enjoying every moment with her family during this lockdown. Anushka now shares her secret immunity-boosting recipe and tips too. Posting a picture of turmeric paste, the Pari actor wrote on her Instagram story, “Boost your immunity, start the morning with Haldi”.

The talented actress is adding fun to her self-isolation and self-quarantine state where she is spending quality time with husband, the Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli.

Key Takeaways:

  • Power couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have been giving their fans updates about their life in quarantine through social media.
  • In the latest, Anushka shared with fans a recipe to boost immunity.
  • Posting “Immunity boosting food” on another picture, Anushka  shared Moringa leaves and Rasam made with tomato and garlic.

In another picture, she shared indicating a jug and a glass of lime water. Implying that this is the tip to stay healthy Anushka wrote, “Next up – lemon water.” She also put up another picture of alkaline water, posting on her story she wrote, “Last thing on the immunity boost menu – alkaline water. That’s it! Over and Out.”

Anushka Sharma boosts her immunity

Anushka Sharma boosts her immunity, shares on Instagram
PC Anushka Sharma/Instagram

Posting “Immunity boosting food” on another picture, Anushka also shared Moringa leaves and Rasam made with tomato and garlic are magic food to boost immunity.

Play Monopoly

Recently, she posted a photo of family time with her parents and husband playing Monopoly.

“The competitive side of everyone was out there. Any guesses who won?” Anushka captioned her post.

She captioned it: “It’s from our primary caregivers – family that we learn how to tread the journey of life, how to walk, how to eat, how to socialize & then face the world. This forms our initial conditioning that has a lasting impact on us. In the world we inhabit today, there is a lot of uncertainty and I’m sure a lot of you have found that solace & sense of familiarity with your families.”


She urged everyone to stay at home adding, “Take care of everyone precious in your lives. And also make the most of these moments … smile, laugh, share, show affection, clear mis-understandings, develop stronger/healthier bonds, discuss life and dreams and pray for a better tomorrow. We all have been moved deeply, we all have been affected deeply and hopefully, we will carry forward these lessons in the days to come. And hopefully, we have all conditioned ourselves to relook at the world we inhabited before all of this happened…”

“discuss life and dreams and pray for a better tomorrow.”

“I feel pride in our resilience to be better human beings. I can instinctively feel this in and around me. We will all have our individual and subjective lessons from this time and hopefully, such lessons will continuously stay with us all,” Anushka said in a previous post shared on Instagram with husband Virat and a pet dog.

Virat and Anushka are spending the lockdown in their Alibaug bungalow, according to sources.

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