Guwahati Mentoring Walk: Celebrating the Power of Mentorship

Guwahati Mentoring Walk

This is the fourth time that the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk has held at Guwahati. The event was part of a global movement in which women leaders from Vital Voices’ Global Leadership Network were walking in more than 60 countries leading to 151 walks across the globe.

Over the years this walk has become a movement of sorts in the city with many senior women established in their own areas coming forward to mentor young aspiring women.

Atreyee Borooah Thekedath, an entrepreneur and alumna of the Fortune Program 2012 was the flag bearer of the event. The Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship was Co-hosting this years Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk in Guhawati.

Mita Nath Bora of IIE shares “the 45 minutes mentoring walk was the most beautiful part of the event which brought in closeness and personal connect between the mentor and mentees; and the experience sharing that followed brought forth so many stories of grit, determination and the different and difficult challenges women face at every step of their life. The emotional bonding that developed between the mentor and mentee and the support system that was created through this one event proves that it can provide a wide range of possibilities and perspective for both professional and personal enrichment. The continuation of this event every year can definitely help give meaning and a way forward to many young women life”.

The mentors this time were from the fields of entrepreneurship, law, education, media and hospitality.  A total of 55 mentees were young women with aspirations across a wide spectrum. They were very enthusiastic and eager to learn from their mentors.

In the experience sharing component of the program after the mentoring walk, many heart warming stories were shared by both the mentors and mentees which left everyone pleasantly surprised at how fast these connections could be made between complete strangers in the right setting.

It has been an absolute  honour and pleasure for me to be a part of the Vital Voices mentoring walk ever since it has been initiated in Guwahati four years ago. Meeting and talking to girls and women from different backgrounds and helping some of them find  direction in their careers or just talking to them about various aspects of their lives is a very enriching experience for me.  said Nikita Barooah, Advocate, Gauhati High Court.

The Global Mentoring Walk is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of inspiring young women through mentoring.

It is very powerful feeling to be walking in solidarity with women across the globe as we celebrate the power of mentorship and partnership and connecting with women and girls, sparking transformational change.

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