More Than 50% Police Stations In Gurugram Have No Separate Lock Ups For Women, Finds RTI

The RTI also revealed that nine police stations out of 43 in the city have no separate toilets for women.

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In an RTI query filed by Gurugram resident Harinder Dhingra, it has been revealed that nine police stations in the city have no separate toilets for women. This number forms around 20 percent of the total 43 police stations in the area. Moreover, 23 police stations also do not have separate lock-ups for women. Notably, women police officers form a little over 10 percent of the total Gurugram police force. Overall, Gurugram has around 6100 police officers, of which, 613 are women.


The women police officers are forced to share the common toilet, found the RTI.

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Police Stations That Do Not Have Separate Toilets And Lockups

Gurugram is divided into four police districts- Gurugram (East), Gurugram (West), Gurugram (South) and Manesar. Of the police stations in these areas, DLF Phase-3, Sushant Lok, Bajghera, Sector 29, New Colony, Shivaji Nagar, KMP, Traffic PS-1, and Traffic 2 don't have any separate toilets for women. DLF Phase 3 has seven women cops, and Bajghera has five women cops. While, Sector 29 has eight women cops, New Colony has 10 women police officers, and Shivaji Nagar has ten women cops, Times of India reported.

23 police stations out of 43 in Gurugram do not have separate lock-ups for women.

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A senior police officer told Times of India that new police stations were being constructed which would provide policewomen with better facilities, "Over the years, the number of women in the police force has increased and with that, the infrastructure has also been updated. Now, only nine police stations do not have separate toilets for women." He also added that the construction work for new police stations is on the way and that these will have all the required facilities for women police officers. According to him, these new police stations will not only have separate toilets and lock-ups for women but will also have a creche and a play zone.

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