Gujarat HC orders reforms for women's shelters

Aiming to improve living conditions of women in shelter homes in the state, Gujrat High Court has ordered the state government to alter the rules for homes.

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 Gujarat HC orders reforms for women's shelters

In a move which is aimed at improving the living conditions of women across shelter homes in the state, the Gujrat High Court has ordered the state government to alter the rules for homes. The order comes after a PIL was launched by the Peace and Equality Cell and Sahiyar NGOs demanding the same.  The main contention in the PIL is that since the rules of the shelter homes were formulated in 1964, it is about time that they are changed, keeping in mind, the current times.The state government is responsible for the operations of the shelter homes that need modifications in terms of its old school rules.


The issue of the conditions of the homes came to light after a news report about a woman running away from the shelter home in Odhav, Ahmedabad. The NGOs which filed the PIL are of the view that the shelter homes are falling short in promising their inmates a better life and so a change is needed. The new rules will be formulated by a committee of seven members. The members will consist of the state government, NGOs and some other people of relevance. It will be headed by the principal secretary of Women and Child Development department.

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The hearing of the case has been schedule for post-summer vacations by Justice Akil Kureshi and Justice A Y Kogje, who are overseeing  the matter. The bench has also directed the state government to fill up the seat of regular superintendent by August 15.

A heartening move by the Gujarat HC, it is time other states also addressed the state of shelter homes, and took steps to better living conditions there as well.

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