Guess which Indian woman leader is most followed globally?

We tell you who the most followed Indian woman leader is on Twitter.

Jul 08, 2016 06:16 IST
Sushma Swaraj tweets

The Twiplomacy study of 2016 recently declared our very own Minister of External Affairs, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj as the most followed woman leader in the world. She has over 5 million followers, just a couple of millions behind the present global phenomena Hillary Clinton who has around 7 million tweeple behind her.


Sushma Swaraj became a cabinet minister at merely 25, and has not looked back ever since. A true 'twiplomat' by all means, she knows when to explain her position and keep wary of any form of internet abuse.

This one was her epic twiplomacy tweets:





Touche'! Though that is not what she limits her outreach to. Let's take a look at a few more notable things that she does as a social media influencer and political leader.


An inclusive approach

If someone is using social media for active, rather than passive or promotional politics, it is Sushma Swaraj. The best thing about her twiplomacy is that she doesn't differentiate (unlike many ministers from the present government, who hope to ignore the more difficult questions, at least in my personal experience). She also advocates for truly glocal societies to her audience online:



Transparent and prompt action


No matter how small or big, any issue that is brought to her notice is immediately looked into and she makes it a point to respond to the complainant. She took all of 24 hours to resolve this young minor girl's SOS message. Rukmini's father was wrongfully jailed in Saudi Arabia:



Funny side up

She also uses social media to evoke humor in our otherwise dull and boring societies. Here is what she had to say to an obsessive consumer:



We hope new appointee Anupriya Patel learns some of these skills from her colleague of the cabinet, since her fake account tweeted controversial stuff while her original account, which was set in July this year, hasn't made a single tweet.

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