This 61-Year-Old Grocery Shop Owner Has Travelled To 11 Countries In 10 Years

Molly Joy
61-year-old Molly Joy works at a small grocery shop in Kerala’s Ernakulam district but that doesn’t stop her from chasing her dream of travelling the world. Interestingly, she has travelled to 11 foreign countries in 10 years and many other Indian cities. Isn’t that enticing?

According to On Manorama, her husband had opened the grocery shop 26 years ago. After his demise 18 years ago, Molly started working at the grocery shop to fend for herself and her family. A few years ago, both her kids bagged a job and that’s when the mother heaved a sigh of relief.

One day, one of her neighbours asked her if she wanted to accompany them on a trip. She agreed and visited places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Mysuru and others. She realised that she loved travelling and went on going to international trips with them.

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After getting her passport made in 2010, Molly Joy made her first trip abroad to Europe. That wasn’t the end. She returned from there and started saving for her next trip. She has been to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Italy, New York, London, Washington and other places as well, she said in an interview.

She has shelled out a total of Rs. 10 lakhs on her travel journeys so far but wants to keep travelling. She says that the income she earns from her grocery shop is sufficient to pay for her trips. She opened her shop on weekends as well on holidays to make more money and pay for her trips. 

She is also quite content with what she is doing and doesn’t regret doing a job because that wouldn’t have allowed her to travel. As a child, she could never go to field trips organised by school because she came from a very humble family but she is making the most out of the opportunity now.

She recently witnessed the majestic Niagara falls which mesmerized her completely.