Grandmoms Invited To Narrate Stories In Rajasthan Schools

We all have enjoyed story-telling sessions by our grandmothers. And why not? Those vibrant tales narrated by our loving grandmothers are one of the fondest memories of our childhood. Taking this idea of promoting oral story telling among children, the Rajasthan government has decided to invite grandmothers of students to revive this age-old tradition meant to enhance students’ creativity by colouring their world with meaningful characters and stories.

The new rule, as per a recent order released by the department of secondary education, will be implemented in new government schools for classes 1st-5th.

Arun Kumar Sharma, deputy director, secondary education, tells Deccan Herald, “The story telling session will be a part of Bal Sabhas, organised every Saturday in schools. Apart from performing cultural activities, now students will get an opportunity to listen to stories from grandmothers of their friends.”

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He further added that they could have asked teachers to tell stories to children but the idea is to find a storyteller in their own grandparent. This will encourage students to listen to more stories while they are at home. As they are promoting technology in schools, this program is a reverse of that.

The education department wishes to start the session from the third Saturday of this month and has already issued notices to all the offices.

Though delighted with the move, educationists want schools to build a consensus about the kind of stories that will be narrated to the children. Since young students have impressionable minds, educationists want the stories to be non-religious and non-political.

“Such initiatives are much needed at the present time when technology has infiltrated our lives. Children will get moral education and affection while listening to tales from grandparents. It’s the easiest way to touch, teach and reach a student. But the department should ensure that stories selected for the session will have no religious or political affiliation,” educationist and social activist Charanjeet Dhillon, associated with Bal Bhawan Jaipur, told DH.

The department is also planning to provide some sample stories to the schools. In the absence of grandmothers, school teachers will act as substitutes by taking over the sessions.

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