Govt Cradles Receive 200 'Unwanted' Babies

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In June this year, the women and child development (WCD) ministry had decided to keep cradles at government hospitals, orphanages and police stations across the country to facilitate people who want to leave their child behind for adoption. The government has already received over 200 unwanted babies at the 265 cradle baby reception centres at various hospitals and orphanages of 11 states.


There is, however, ambiguity in the timeframe in which these children had been received by these centres.

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"As per the information received, cradle baby reception centres have been set up at 265 locations by 11 states and 205 babies have been received in these palnas/cradles so far," Gandhi said in the Rajya Sabha in reply to a question.

Similar schemes have been introduced in different parts of the country to discourage abortion of unwanted babies.

For instance, the Rajasthan government had introduced 'Ashray Palna Sthal Yojna' in 2015 under which 65 cradles were set up at medical colleges, district, satellite and sub-district hospitals.

Tamil Nadu had also launched a similar scheme in 1992.


“It is a simple, humane and anonymous method for parents who are unable to look after their child and have to unwillingly part ways with them,” WCD minister Maneka Gandhi  had told Mail Today. She had further said that by leaving their child behind in a cradle, parents will knowingly put their child up for adoption.

The step was also in the direction of helping childless couples embrace parenthood by adopting these children. It was also meant to ensure that a child goes to a good family.

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