If you are a poet who spends her days writing poetry, reading and admiring the works of the favourite classic poets, here is a news for you. Google has launched a new artificial intelligence tool that can help a user to mimic the writing style of a classical poet. The tool named ‘Verse by Verse’ lets the users choose the poet they want to mimic among the list of 22 poets that it features.

The list of 22 poets includes Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost among others. A user can choose up to three poets whose writing style he or she want to practice. After this, the tool will ask the user to design the structure of the poem by deciding the syllable count, rhymes and poetic form. Next, the user can begin composing the poem and based on the first verse or line of the poem, the tool will suggest more verses that the chosen classical poet would have written.  Google has clarified that the suggested verses are not original lines that the classical poet wrote. Those suggestions would be novel lines that rhyme with the new poem and which the classical writer would have used if he or she was writing the poem at the moment. However, the user is free to ditch or take the suggestion of the tool or make changes in it to make the verses and the poem more personal.

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Much effort has been put behind developing this useful tool that will encourage and improve the creative writing skills of aspiring poets. According to reports, the developers programmed the tool with a “large collection of classic poetry”. Moreover, they trained and fine-tuned AI models of poetry based on the works of each classical poet to imitate the writing style.

The suggestions of the new verses are possible because the tool has been “trained to have a general semantic understanding of what lines of the verse would best follow a previous line of verse,” said engineer Dave Uthus. “Even if you write on topics not commonly seen in classic poetry, the system will try its best to make suggestions that are relevant,” he added.

It is important to note here that ‘Verse by Verse’ is an inspiration to write poetry. It helps a poet to write better and in different ways and doesn’t compose the whole poetry by itself.

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