Google Doodle celebrates Amrita Shergil’s 103rd birthday

She is among India’s most revered artists known for bold works reflecting women in their day to day lives and their most emotional moments. As Amrita Sher-gil turns 103 she finds herself on the Google Doodle. Designed by Jennifer Hom, the inspiration for the Doodle is Sher-Gil’s painting “Three Girls.”

Often called the “Indian Frida Kahlo,” her paintings reflected a liberated soul using her canvas to express her passionate lifestyle and bold thinking.

Sher-Gil studied and practiced in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where she got her start as an artist and life consummate bohemian. Over time, her work became a clear salute to the feminine form, and Sher-Gil into an uncompromising talent as per the release of the Doodle.

She also toured South India to focus on her works on the South Indian trilogy of paintings Bride’s Toilet, Brahmacharis, and South Indian Villagers Going to Market following. She later was also inspired by the Ajanta caves, when she made a conscious attempt to return to classical Indian art. 

Amrita Sher-Gil was born in Budapest, Hungary, on 30th January, 1913 to a Punjabi Sikh father and a Hungarian Jewish mother