Mumbai Domestic Helper’s Gold Jewellery Worth Rs 5 Lakh Recovered From Rats, Here’s How

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On Thursday, the Mumbai Police collected Rs 5 lakh in gold from some strange suspects. The gold was discovered in a gutter, where several rats had taken up residence. The event was discovered after Sundari Planibel, a 45-year-old woman, approached the police for assistance. Planibel, a domestic helper in Mumbai’s Gokuldham neighbourhood, told authorities she was on her way to mortgage her 100-gram gold jewellery to pay for her daughter’s wedding.

According to reports, Planibel came across a woman on the street asking for alms with her children while on her way to the bank. Planibel spotted the kids and handed them a bag containing some bread to eat. However, she was taken aback when she realised she had handed them the wrong bag, which contained gold jewellery rather than merely bread. Planibal, a single mother, has spent the past 15 years working as a domestic helper in the Gokuldham area. 

Gold Worth Rs 5 Lakh Stolen By Rats

Planibel attempted to locate the woman seeking alms but was unsuccessful. She immediately raced to the police station to tell them about the occurrence. The cops went into action to recover the jewellery and began scanning the area’s CCTV footage. 

Suraj Raut, the Head of the Dindoshi Police Department’s Detection Team, was able to pinpoint the people begging for alms in the CCTV footage after conducting an investigation. The woman put the packet in the garbage because the bread was dry, according to Raut. The cops then began searching the waste dump for the jewellery, but they were unable to locate it. Scanning the CCTV tape revealed that some rats had pulled the jewellery bag from the waste bin to the sewer and were eating the dry bread from it, according to Sub-inspector Chandrakant Gharge.

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Officials combed through CCTV material from three to four cameras for four hours before making a breakthrough. “We saw some rats drag the plastic bag down a drain nearby. When we searched the drain, we found it. The rats had chewed on the bread but left the gold untouched,” said Gharge.

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