Goa Minister Resigns Amidst Sexual Exploitation Allegation: 10 Things To Know

The allegations against him were made by Goa Congress chief Girish Chodankar. According to him, he had spoken about the alleged sex scandal last month as well.

Charvi Kathuria
Dec 16, 2021 06:10 IST
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Goa Minister Resigns: The Urban Development Minister of Goa Milind Naik gave his resignation from the cabinet of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 15 December after it was alleged that he exploited a young woman from Bihar.

Here are 10 things you should know about the case

  1. It was on the morning of 15th December when the Congress party had made allegations against the Urban Development Minister of Goa. He resigned hours after the allegations were made, as per report.
  2. The allegations against him were made by Goa Congress chief Girish Chodankar. According to him, he had spoken about the alleged sex scandal last month as well.  The ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) government, however, did not take any action against him. This compelled him to reveal Naik’s name.
  3. Mahila Congress president Beena Naik said that the minister had taken advantage of the fact that she was widowed. He had a relationship with her without her consent and even forced her to abort the baby. "If the government does not act against him in the next two days, all of us ladies will march to his house and make sure he is pulled out of his house. He should be removed from his position and made to sit at home.”, she said.
  4. The Congress chief also released print outs of the private conversation that took place between Milind Naik and the woman in the case. After multiple requests from all quarters, Milind Naik refused to speak on the matter.
  5. The office of CM Pramod Sawant released a statement that read, “Shri Milind Naik has tendered his resignation as a minister in Government of Goa, to ensure a free and fair probe, which has been accepted and sent to the Hon’ble Governor.”
  6. In a press conference, Chodankar said, “The minister involved in the sex scandal, Milind Naik, should be sacked and action should be initiated against him. And ministers like Milind Naik who sexually assault women should be not be protected or the people of Goa will not forgive me.”
  7.  Chodankar had also claimed that the Goa Minister was heard on a tape allegedly sexually exploiting a woman. He has also been accused of forcing her to get an abortion.
  8. An official complaint has also been filed at the women’s police station against Naik, Congress chief said.
  9. He claimed that during the 15 day period a law firm sent him a legal notice claiming to represent the woman in the case. The notice was from Bihar and warned Chodankar against releasing any of the alleged evidence.
  10. Chodankar said, “Give the required confidence to the woman who is claiming to be from Bihar as per the legal notice I have received and the police complaint that is filed. You are speaking about empowering women in Bihar. Will you stand with your daughter or with the minister in Goa. The people of Bihar and India are watching you.”


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