Gloria Steinem's 'Recommendation' For Gun Laws Goes Viral

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Gloria Steinem

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has pointed out an interesting way to change gun laws in the United States. A quote by her has gone viral.


The quote said that young men who want to buy guns should be treated like young women who want an abortion

“I want any young men who buy a gun to be treated like young women who seek an abortion. Think about it: a mandatory 48-hours waiting period, written permission from a parent or a judge, a note from a doctor proving that he understands what he is about to do, time spent watching a video on individual and mass murders, travelling hundreds of miles at his own expense to the nearest gun shop, and walking through protesters holding photos of loved ones killed by guns, protesters who call him a murderer.”

It said that it makes more sense to do this for young men seeking guns than for young women seeking an abortion.

“No young woman needing reproductive freedom has ever murdered a roomful of strangers.”

Steinem shared the quote as part of a list called ‘Top Ten Things I Want for Christmas’.

But now it turns out that she didn't write the quote. She did include the quote in a 2015 Facebook post listing the top ten things she wanted for Christmas. She also didn't take credit for the quote. She thanked "whoever gave us all this present" of prose.


52-year-old Brian Murtagh wrote the quote. Well whatever it is, at least now you will be a fan of Steinem's!

"I thought it was a really, really clever way to show the hypocrisy between the different positions," says Brian Murtagh.

The discussion around making gun laws more restrictive has intensified after the horrific massacre at a country music festival in Las Vegas last week.

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