Global Ambassadors Programme enabling mentorship across borders

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Aug 26, 2014 17:53 IST
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Mentorship for women

Women have managed to decode most of the contemporary issues that pose a threat to their advancing careers. However it is still believed that the biggest challenge that most women continue to face, no matter what step of the ladder they’re on, is balancing work and family.


Julie Fasone Holder, Founder and Principle, JFH Insights, disagrees and believes that the central figure that helps women advance into leadership positions is a Mentor.


Having someone to constantly guide you, especially a woman, who may have faced and overcome similar challenges could really help a woman cross most barriers and hurdles that otherwise would be harder to handle.


Holder shares her experience in Delhi and Bombay while attending the Global Ambassadors Programme, where she, along with five other women was invited to mentor six successful women in India. In an attempt to globally advance women into leadership roles, Vital Voices and The Bank of America together arranged for emerging women leaders in developed countries to mentor women in India. Holder shares, “As India continues to emerge onto the global stage, we had the opportunity to see firsthand the impact women are having in this country and, moreover, the incredible potential they hold if given the opportunity.”



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The programme arranged for 6 women in India to be mentored one-on-one by six other leaders from across the border. Holder’s mentee, Sohini Chakrabroty is the Founding Director of Kolkata Sanved. Her organization aims at helping the victim of sex trafficking deal with their disturbed emotional state through dance movement therapy.


Inspired by her touching experience in India, Holder further advocated the need for more mentors to guide women like Chakrabroty.  She added, “What I continually emphasize is that women must believe in themselves and appreciate just how much they have to offer -- and, most importantly, advocate for it… women have to remember that we can and should reach out to each other for guidance and support… because a world with more women leaders will be a better world.”


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Huffington Post

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