Girls Who Hit Puberty Before 12 Reach Menopause Earlier: Study

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A recent study published on Human Reproduction in Oxford Journals claims that girls who hit puberty early are likely to experience premature menopause. Women without children who had their first period before age 12 were five times more likely to reach menopause prematurely than women with two or more children, who started menstruating at 12 or older.


The study included women from the UK, Australia, Japan and Scandinavia

With this research, clinics all around will be alert about the guidelines to follow when dealing with a woman who has not bourne any children by the age of 35 and had started her menstruation cycle by the age of 11. Since these are the women who are prone to early/premature menopause, their doctors can now keep them informed of this possibility of hormonal change.

An international study of more than 50,000 women showed that those who were 11 or younger when they started their first period were 80 per cent more likely to enter the menopause before the age of 40

Source: The Telegraph

Gita Mishra of the University of Queensland, Australia, who headed the survey began a statistical analysis which also included attributes like weight and smoking. She was quoted by as saying, "We know, for instance, that stress during childhood tends to produce earlier menstruation, but it could also influence the age of menopause down the track."

The average age to go through the menopause is 51.

A premature menopause can put you at an increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. However, your risk of breast cancer is lower.

Approximately one in every 100 women under the age of 40, and one in 1,000 under the age of 30, experience POI (Primary Ovarian Insufficiency).

Menopause is your body's clock telling you about hormonal change and that this is the time to be extra careful about your health. It is advisable that women be informed and up their physical activities and switch to healthier ways of living.

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