Vitória Marchioli , a 9-year-old girl from Brazil suffers from a disorder called ‘Treacher Collins Syndrome’ that prevents the 40 facial bones from developing leaving her eyes, mouth and nose displaced. The rare deformity, but it didn’t deter her parents from bringing her up with love and care. The family celebrated her ninth birthday recently.

Vitória’s Challenges 

The journey of bringing her up hasn’t been a smooth for the parents. Besides the doctors not being optimistic of her survival, the parents received flak from the society because of her disfigured face.

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“We have been verbally abused and rejected by the public because of the appearance of our daughter, the father told Furthermore, children abused his other daughters for the appearance of Vitória.

“Vitória receives all the care, affection and possible love that we can give her, we try every day to help her as much as we can.” – Father

At times, they would wake-up every three-hours to feed her nutrients through a tube pushed down her throat into her stomach.

The condition affects only 1 person from 50,000 people.

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 Medical treatment for a better future

The doctors credit this miracle to the girl’s parents. They have been raising funds for her treatment to give her a better life. The girl has already undergone 8 surgeries to reconstruct her eyes, mouth and nose including one to stimulate motor function.

The father says,”Vitória receives all the care, affection and possible love that we can give her. We try every day to help her as much as we can.”

He hopes that in future, humanity will have more love for people independent of their appearance, skin colour, race, religion.

The girl is the quintessence of everything great will-power and courage can achieve. We also salute the parents who are leaving no stone unturned to help her lead a normal life.

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