Six-Year-Old Girl Crosses Yamuna River In Record Time Of Just 11 Minutes

In a remarkable display of determination, Vritika Shandilya, a six-year-old resident of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, scripted success story by crossing the Yamuna River in a mere 11 minutes

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Six-Year-Old Girl Crosses Yamuna River in 11 Minutes
In a remarkable display of determination and skill, Vritika Shandilya, a six-year-old resident of Preetam Nagar in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, scripted her own success story by crossing the Yamuna River in a mere 11 minutes. This extraordinary feat left her trainers astounded and garnered widespread praise.

Vritika, a second-grade student at St Anthony Girls' Convent School, embarked on this challenging endeavour under the guidance of her trainers. The journey commenced at 6:10 am from Meerapur Sindu Sagar ghat. With steady strokes and unwavering focus, she traversed the river, arriving at the Vidyapeeth Mahevaghat on the other side at precisely 6:21 am.

Her master trainer, Tribhuwan Nishad, expressed admiration for her unwavering determination, stating that she had been committed to conquering the river since the very first day she began learning how to swim.

Six-Year-Old Girl Crosses Yamuna River in 11 Minutes:

Before commencing her journey, Vritika visited the renowned Maa Lalita Devi temple and the Lord Hanuman temple at Bargad Ghat, where she offered her prayers and sought blessings from her trainer, Kamla Nishad. Encouraged and cheered on by her parents, Pankaj Kumar Singh and Nivedata Singh, along with her grandparents and other well-wishers, Vritika embarked on her extraordinary endeavour.

What makes Vritika's achievement even more remarkable is that children her age usually take 15 minutes or more to cross the Yamuna River. Her exceptional speed and agility have garnered her well-deserved accolades.

To ensure her safety, three boats accompanied Vritika during her crossing, ready to provide emergency assistance if needed. The Navjeevan Swimming Club, where Vritika is a trainee, currently trains around 150 children of various age groups in Uttar Pradesh. Vritika's incredible feat has brought recognition not only to herself but also to the club, showcasing the talent and dedication fostered within its young swimmers.


At just six years old, Vritika Shandilya has proven that age is no barrier to extraordinary achievements. Her determination, supported by her trainers and loved ones, has set an inspiring example for others to follow. As she continues to hone her swimming skills, Vritika remains an inspiration and a shining star in the world of swimming.

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