Gir: A 32-year-old Lady Delivers a Baby in an Ambulance Amidst 12 Lions

Charvi Kathuria
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In what you would call the rarest of rare, a 32-year-old woman reportedly delivered a baby boy in Gujarat's Gir Forest in an ambulance, after midnight, that was surrounded by 12 lions.


Makwana, a resident of Lunasapur village, was being shifted to a government hospital in Jafarabad town when the incident took place, said Chetan Gaadhe, Emergency Management Executive of '108' in Amreli.

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"When the ambulance was on its way to Jafarabad with Makwana, the on-duty Emergency Management Technician (EMT) Ashok realised that Makwana would give birth anytime, as the head of the baby was protruding out. Thus, he asked the driver Raju Jadav to stop the ambulance mid-way to deal with the emergency,"  Mr Gaadhe told NDTV.

Sensing a human presence, the pride of lions, came out from the nearby bushes and surrounded the ambulance quickly hoping to catch their prey. Efforts to shoo them away were in vain as some of them sat in front of the vehicle to block the passage.

At the same time, EMT Ashok exhibited great courage by helping the woman deliver the child in accordance with the instructions given by the physician over the phone. Driver Javav, on the other hand, was trying to get rid of lions.

"Later, Jadav started the ambulance and moved slowly so that lions would give way. Upon seeing the movement of the vehicle as well as the blinking of the lights, the big cats eventually moved and gave way to the ambulance," he said.


Both the mother and the child are fine. The woman is currently admitted to Jafrabad hospital.

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pic credits : NDTV

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