10 Things to Know about Gillian Anderson who Plays Margaret Thatcher in 'The Crown Season 4'

Her first theatre job launched her career, which was the play 'Grand Canyon'. And she also wrote a book. Here's all you need to know.

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After playing the iconic sex therapist, Dr Jean F Milburn in the comedy series, 'Sex Education', Gillian Anderson became one of the most recognised faces, and voices, in the television world. Now, she has been roped in to play the role of 'The Iron Lady', Britain's first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher in the TV series, 'The Crown'. Season 4 of the series drops on the 15th of November on Netflix, in which we will see Anderson's Thatcher go head-to-head with Olivia Colman's Queen Elizabeth II.


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Here's 10 things you didn't know about Gillian Anderson:

  • She's dialectical. When Anderson was five, her family moved to UK, and she went to school there until she was eleven. Soon after, when they moved to Michigan, she was mocked for her English accent, which she slowly shifted to American.
  • She never intended to work in television and claimed that she auditioned for 'The X Files' only because she was 'broke and desperate'.
  • As a child, she dreamed of being a marine biologist.
  • Anderson has co-authored a book with Jeff Rovin: 'A Vision of Fire', which is a sci-fi thriller about a child psychologist.
  • Anderson has campaigned vigorously for various social issues, which include women’s rights in Afghanistan, against sexual violence towards girls in Myanmar, for better access to HIV treatment in South Africa and education in Uganda, against domestic violence in the UK and child trafficking across the globe, and so on, according to The Guardian. 
  • She has also co-written a book called 'We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere', which is says is 'more spiritual' than directive.
  • Her first theatre job launched her career, which was the play 'Grand Canyon'.
  • A lot of women are her fans and Anderson thinks that it is because of her 'honesty', as she told Mental Floss.
  • When she returned to her role as Dana Scully on 'The X Files', she said that she struggles in the first week to get back to it.
  • Anderson wore a padded bodysuit under her costume to get into the role of Margaret Thatcher.

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Watch the trailer of Season 4 of 'The Crown' here:


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