Get Rid of These Work Habits in 2017

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We are well into the first month of the new year, and holiday season is now far behind us. As we settle into work and hopefully work towards our new year’s resolution, here are some work habits that we should definitely ditch so that we can be more productive this year. [Picture Credit: Vidya Deshpande]

1. Messy Work Stations

I know this sounds like a pain and completely unnecessary- after all there is method in madness, but it can be very very helpful. A clean and organised space, instead of a clutter, can help clear your own mind and help you focus.

Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

2. Coffee Binges

You might balk at this statement. Coffee may well be your lifeline, but it is an addiction. And with addictions come dependence. Ditch the coffee, have juice, walk around your desk, meditate, do yoga and you will feel much better than you ever did with coffee.

3. Constant Email Checking

Don’t be a slave to your email inbox.  Instead of checking email constantly and disrupting your work flow, why not set aside ten minutes every hour in which to look at and respond to your email? Also psychologists have warned that constant email checking is a ‘toxic source of stress.’

4. News Spirals

You may have countless subscriptions to newspaper, magazines, and may spend hours every day catching up on what’s been posted on your favourite websites and blogs. And before you know it you have wasted your precious time reading up countless articles on Donald Trump. All that additional information may be interesting to know and talk about at dinner parties, but may not be so relevant for your work.

5. Checking Your Phone First Thing in the Morning

You are probably tired of reading this. But it is so true. Lying in bed and checking your phone is probably the worst way to start your day, because instead of taking the time to attenuate and get ready for your day properly, you are immediately putting yourself in a high stress situation. 

6. Not Setting End Times to Your Meetings

We have all been in meetings where nothing ever seems to get done, and where discussions keep going on and one without any decisions having been made. So if you are the one setting up a meeting, why not set a clear agenda, and a start and end time to the meeting. That way you and your colleagues will be forced to think more efficiently and come up with solutions faster.

She Loves Travels: Free-spirited, solo & fun at Monjuic

She Loves Travels: Free-spirited, solo

7. Not Making Time for Life Out of Work

This is key. It isn’t cool to compete on who is sleeping less and working more. A good night’s sleep and good exercise will help you get more out of your work day, as countless studies have proven. You don’t want to get burnt out, because it will take a lot to get you feeling productive and ready to go again. Plus you don’t want to sabotage your personal life.

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