Gender Equality Should be a Part of School Curriculum; Says Justice R Banumathi

Justice Banumathi, who upheld the death penalty of the four convicts in the brutal December 16, 2012, gang rape case, feels that gender equality should be made a part of the school curriculum.

“Stringent legislation and punishment alone may not be sufficient for fighting increasing crime against women. In our tradition-bound society, certain attitudinal change and change in the mindset is needed to respect women and to ensure gender justice. Right from childhood years, children ought to be sensitised to respect women.” Banumathi said.

She further added that children should be taught to respect women in the same way as they are taught to respect men.

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Putting forward her suggestion to make gender equality a part of school curriculum, she also talked about why school teachers and parents should be trained. She said that they must undergo regular personality-building and skill-enhancing exercise and keep a watch on the actual behavioural pattern of children so that they grow up to be gender-sensitive.

She also emphasised on the important role television, media and the Press can play to promote gender equality.

“Both boys and girls must be gender-sensitised, as it is one of the important traits that will help them succeed in life.”-Kriti Jain

Komal Aggarwal, a student of Delhi University who is pursuing her Masters in Political Science, talks to SheThePeople.TV about how including gender sensitivity in the curriculum can help. She feels,

“Gender sensitisation is necessary to analyse the contribution of both the sexes in the creation and development of a well-balanced society. It will help the younger generation to be open-minded, rational and unbiased in their thoughts and actions. It will also do away with the orthodox beliefs children carry. We, then, collectively move towards the progressive existence of all.”

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Kriti Jain, who works for Royal Bank Of Scotland in Delhi, feels that cases like Nirbhaya can be curbed only if appropriate knowledge about gender equality is imparted among children.

“The topic of gender equality and its impact must be clearly explained to students through real-life examples. Both boys and girls must be gender-sensitised, as it is one of the important traits that will help them succeed in life.”

We are witnessing an era wherein more and more women are venturing out of their homes and proving their mettle in their chosen fields. Therefore, it is equally important for the society to alter their perception towards women and her changing role, by teaching the younger generations the significance of gender equality.  It is only when this happens that the society will be able to live in harmony.

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