Gender conversations from The Bridge Talks with Caravan India

What are some of the most pressing issues that women face in India.

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The Bridge Talks India

Conversations on gender issues are central to India's development. The sooner we realise this, the faster we will move towards focussing on issues of economic empowerment and other development parameters. But where will the dialogue begin? For months SheThePeople.TV has been hosting Feminist Rani, a Mumbai based effort that champions the need for open discussions on feminism - those that range from right to wear, do, say what you like to raising boys to be sensitive to girls.


But the dialogue must spread. We are delighted to partner one such effort in Delhi called The Bridge Talks by Caravan Magazine. The Indian woman has come a long way but the journey has neither been easy nor equitable and there are yet miles to go. We believe that we are at a juncture in the life of this nation where women and men must come together to work for what is overdue to one half of us.

The Bridge is the initiative of Delhi Press to facilitate conversations on some of the most pressing issues that women face in India.

As proud partners, SheThePeople.TV brings you highlights from the conference so far.

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