Photographer Garima Dixit On Why Army Wives Are A Courageous Lot

Garima Dixit photography

Photographer Garima Dixit recently shot a wonderful series of photos depicting a beautiful relationship an army man shares with the women in his life. Her photos have received an overwhelming response on social media. SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Garima Dixit about her journey into photography, life as an army wife and more.

“I could relate to the emotions depicted in the photos very well. My husband and daughter share a special bond and she wants her dad all the time when he is around. But there are times when duty comes first and he has to go out for long duration,” Garima told us.

She also talked about the sadness her husband felt on not being able to attend her daughter’s first and second birthday. In fact, the sight of a jawan on duty away from his family safeguarding the country got Garima in a thinking mode. She realised that we see so many pictures of our men in Olive greens with a gun in hand and an iron heart, but no one sees their softer side.

“I thought why not to do a series of photographs where I can show that our Army men are human beings first and also someone’s son, father and husband,” she shared about the inception of her idea.

Life as an army wife

Talking about her life as an army wife, she says that army men’s wives are the strongest and most courageous of the lot.

“There are times when your husband is away you acts as one-man army, handling kids, your work and all the other tasks on your own. You will always see them smiling even if she is high on her emotions and fears when her husband is on border or amidst some operation,” she told us.

“Life in the Army is no ball-room dancing and comes with pains as well as pleasures,” – Garima

Journey into Photography

Garima dabbled into photography after the birth of her daughter. She was suffering from post-partum depression because of which she couldn’t spend a lot of time with her daughter. She wanted to make up for that time. That’s when she picked up the camera and started capturing her daughter which also helped her deal with her depression.

“Once I shared the Cake smash pictures of my daughter’s first birthday on a Facebook mommy group, people liked it so much that I started getting requests from so many moms to get their babies clicked. That was the start of my journey in the photography world,” she revealed.

For Garima, clicking pictures of her daughter and other kids is like a breath of fresh air, it fills her with positivity and those innocent smiles ensure I am each day excited for a new challenge and adventure.

Photography is not just my passion, it’s life for me. My day starts with thinking about how to creatively add colours to this mundane life and what exciting can I capture today. I have always been a creative soul, so photography is just an extension of my persona and soul,” – Garima Dixit

Role of social media in photography

Talking about the instrumental role social media played in her photography journey, she said that she had never anticipated even in her dreams that her pictures would reach millions of people.

“In today’s world, there is no doubt that social media helps you big time in establishing your brand image — from marketing products to networking . Today’s woman is tech-savvy and they can make their dreams come true through social media platform, if used in a right way using right strategies. It has positively worked for me,” she asserted.

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