Newborn Girl Found Abandoned In The River Ganga, UP CM Offers Help

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Newborn Abandoned In The River Ganga: She was wrapped in a piece of cloth with a chit that declared her as ‘daughter of Ganga’.

Reportedly, a local boatman who was at the ghat on Tuesday evening found the box with the abandoned child and took her home. The box also contained a picture of Goddess Durga, a horoscope and a few incense sticks. The police were informed. They took the baby to Asha Jyoti Kendra and later admitted her to the district hospital.

UP CM offers to help Ganga girl

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath took to Twitter to praise the boatman who rescued the infant. He added that the UP Government would look after the child’s upbringing. She has now been named ‘Ganga’.

The UP CM said, “The sailor who saved the life of a newborn girl “Ganga” kept in a box floating on the waves of Mother Ganga in Ghazipur has presented a unique example of humanity. As a token of gratitude to the sailor, all eligible government schemes will be benefited. @UPGovt will make complete arrangements for the upbringing of the newborn girl.”

In Jan 2021, a sweeper found a newborn girl was found abandoned in a plastic bag in the premises of a temple in Agra. The baby was less than a day old. She was suffering from hypothermia (condition caused due to long exposure to cold temperatures) and her umbilical cord was not removed at birth. Click here to read more.

Similarly, in May this year, a newborn girl was found abandoned in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan behind a health sub centre. A nurse heard the cries of the baby and found her lying near the bushes behind the sub-centre of the district’s Dhoriya village. The nurse then took the child to the healthcare centre for treatment. Efforts were then made to find her mother.