Game of Thrones: The feminist plot thickens

And like we speculated last week, this week's episode- the much awaited season finale has proved that the series has a feminist agenda

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And like we speculated last week, this week's episode- the much awaited season finale has given fuel to the fire. Seems like George RR Martin's story does have a feminist agenda after all. With half the storyline from the book played out on the show, the tale only gets more interesting from here. In the upcoming season, a second innings of the much anticipated war for ultimate rule over the 7 kingdoms will see women heading the war from all sides.


While Cersei rules the iron throne, her enemies in Dorne- Ellaria Sand and her 3 daughters (who are also excellent warriors, fans will tell you) are collaborating with granny Olena from house Tyrell. And for Olena 'Survival is not what she is looking for.'

While Varys builds collaborations for his new-found queen with the ladies, Danaerys in en route the kingdom of her childhood with her fleet of ships in the company of Greyjoy siblings of the iron islands. Aria Stark is seen on her way home, bringing down everyone on her 'revenge list', starting with the man behind the 'Red Wedding'- Walder Frey.

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With everybody from the Tyrells to the faith to even her own son and the king 'Tommen' dead, Cersei Lannister has taken to rule the iron throne. Her experiences with oppression have been so many and so varied, that she has summed all that up, covered her heart in a 'Cloak of gold', and taken to the throne. No one to love and nothing to lose, she seems like a great successor to her father Taiwin, who was a great military commander and strategic ruler. Fans on team Lannister are expecting her to bring similar, if not the same acumen with strategy on the table. The iron throne has always been her heart's desire, and it would be very interesting to see her fight to keep it, especially after being debarred from attending those small council meetings as well.

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In the season finale, Sansa also announced 'winter is here', which would make for a great starting point for the next season.With the Iron Islands, Dorne and the Tyrells supporting her claim to the throne, the army led by Danaerys seems stronger, and in a better negotiating position than the much despised Queen Cersei.


The episode culminates into a feminist fantasy at an opportune time, with the real world responding to crisis (GOT fans read winter) in a similar fashion. While on the one hand there is Wall Street's favourite Hillary Clinton, who has collaborated with academic and activist Elizabeth Warren, building a historic A-Team for women in America, there is the possibility of a woman Prime Minister in Britain as well. Following Brexit and current Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation, the prerogative, in all probability, might shift to Home Secretary Theresa May. She seems to be their best bet in times like these, especially with her great ability and experience of negotiations with the EU.

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Who do you think would the White-walkers be in a real life parallel? Do share your thoughts with us. Another year until we can find out.

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