You have to admit, the important characters in popular TV show dramas are always women. Perhaps the ironies of their life make for good TV content across the globe. The same holds true for Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R.R Martin’s novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ which is this generation’s most popular TV show. The show has seen six gut-wrenching seasons so far, though this one has been a personal favourite, for the journey it’s female characters have undergone.

Here is where the women stand, right before this season’s finale, which airs on this Sunday, June the 26th.

Yara (Asha in the book) Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, sister of Theon Greyjoy has a fair claim to the Iron Islands, especially after her father’s death and her usurper uncle’s killing by Sandor Clegane. She has now joined hands with the strongest emerging contender for the Iron Throne- Daenerys. The two ladies have bonded over the fact that both their lands have never seen a female leader. There are many nations in the present day world that could take some inspiration from this animistic take on humankind.

While collaboration with another ailing sister worked for Yara, Daenerys Targaryen, on the other hand, has quite literally, burnt her haters down and now has a team of the best fighters and diplomats on her side. With those three dragons, her army seems almost unbeatable.

Talking about unbeatable, how can Margaery Tyrell slip our mind? While the woman who got her stuck in confinement had to walk naked, she left her imprisonment with dignity and much class. Speaking exactly what she was expected to say became her key of getting people to do what she wanted. From being a bride to dead husbands twice to becoming the queen who garners great support from both the faith and the crown, adaptability has been the key strength of her character diamond!

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Sansa Stark, the rightful heir of Winterfell ( Picture Credit: geeknation)

Adaptability leads us to the story of a remarkable survivor, Sansa Stark. Standing as the true epitome of the oppressed woman on the show, the way her character has gathered strength  and survived to see sweet revenge with her oppressors is inspiring. Not just that, having gained her wits of persuasion from Uncle Baelish, she used them well on him to get military support from her the Vale that led to their eventual victory in the north.

The other Stark sister, the last we checked, had earned her fair ticket out of service to the Many Faced Gods and is en route Winterfell. The two sisters can well be expected to unite at their home in this season’s finale. Having perfected her art of combat (we know that no one fights better than the folk from Braavos), Arya Stark would be a great addition to the power trinity of the women in the northern army (Melisandre being our third femme-power figure representing the faith). Arya would make for a great potential commander of the king’s guard, a position no woman has seen on the show.

An able fighter is a woman with strength and the right technique for a good fight. Does that ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about Brienne of Tarth, the reason Sansa could escape her oppressor, and of course, she is the unbeatable beast warrior. Her survival on the show has shown that a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be with a man to survive, all she needs to do is know the tact herself.

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Arya Stark of Winterfell is on her way home( Picture Credit:

With many of the key male characters on the show dead, I am beginning to wonder if the story has a secret feminist agenda that would put women on the forefront in the aftermath of a male dominated power struggle (pretty much like the real world, it seems). All we can do  is wait for the season finale to gain some further clarity.

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