French Man Records Wife Being Raped By Multiple Men For 10 Years

In a horrible sexual assault case from France, a man drugged his wife every night for ten years and recorded her getting raped by multiple men in his own home.

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Women have to be extra careful about their surroundings no matter where they are. Not only public places and dark streets but even their home and family is not completely safe, an example of this is a recent rape case from France.

The fact that rapists don’t discriminate between women and would assault any woman, whether a friend, a relative, an elderly woman or a 3-months old child, is the harsh and terrifying reality of the world. There is no guarantee that the person you trust the most and is the closest to you would not betray you or assault you. A similar incident happened in France where a man drugged his wife every night for 10 years and recorded her being raped by multiple men. 

French Man Records Wife Being Raped

A man named Dominique P lived with his wife of 50 years, with whom he shared three children, in their home in France’s Mazan. In 2020, the police suspected that the man was recording women in changing rooms using hidden cameras. On investigation, the police found some footage in his devices including a folder titled ‘ABUSES’. Upon opening the folder, the police were shocked to find multiple videos of his wife being raped by different men. The folder contained about 92 videos in which her wife was seen unconscious while the men raped her in that state.

The videos were recorded by Dominique P himself who drugged his wife every night and allowed men to perform sexual acts with her. He met these men on a website named ‘a son insu’ which translates to ‘without her/him knowing’ where people used to discuss having sex with unconscious or unwilling partners. The man invited such men to his house after drugging his wife using Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug. 

He strictly prohibited men from bringing tobacco or perfume as it would leave a strong smell and wake his wife up. He asked these men to park their vehicles at a nearby school and come to his house walking in the dark so as to avoid the neighbour's suspicion. The men were asked to undress in the kitchen and wash their hands with hot water so that there is no sudden change in temperature when they touch his wife. This continued for 10 years between 2011 to 2020.

Upon finding out about the videos and what her husband did to her, his wife filed for a divorce. The police have arrested about 51 men so far, including a lorry driver, prison guard, IT worker, fireman and a journalist between the age of 26 to 73, on rape charges. They are looking for other men in the videos.


On being arrested, some of these men claimed that they were not aware that the wife had not consented to it while others reportedly said that she was his wife and he could do anything he liked with her. The husband reportedly did not force or threatened anyone to rape his wife and the men were allowed to leave of their free will. However, none of them stopped raping the woman despite knowing she was unconscious. 

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