Four Out Of Five Women Wish To Be Entrepreneurs: Facebook

Facebook launched two famous initiatives #SheMeansBusiness and the new #SheLeadsTech programme, through which it offers a plethora of opportunities to young women residing in different parts of the country to start small businesses using the Internet. The event was held at Lalit Hotel, New Delhi, yesterday. SheThePeople.Tv was the key partner to this event.

According to a study conducted by Facebook, four out of five women in India wish to become entrepreneurs. The country is missing out on a potential 15.5 million new businesses and 64 million additional jobs by not addressing the challenges facing such women. The study further reveals that if just 52 percent of women were empowered to start a business today, it would not only boost economic growth, but also help build 15.5 million new businesses, and create 64 million additional jobs — all by the end of 2021.

Women have had tremendous potential but often lacked platforms that can harness their potential, but Facebook is opening up great opportunities for them, said Aruna Sundarajan, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

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“We are very optimistic about partnering with platforms like Facebook to empower women. We are trying to forge deep partnerships with platforms like Google, Cisco and Intel for the betterment of woman’s livelihood through technology,” Sundarajan told the gathering.

Interestingly, Facebook is used by around 2 million people to promote their small businesses. There is also a substantial increase in the number of women harnessing the power of Facebook to start and grow businesses. It offers a plethora of opportunities for women to get inspired by new ideas and work on them by just sitting in the comfort of their homes.

“With technology empowering Indians all over, women can benefit the most. It is because traditionally women do not have access to other forms of support. The easiest way to reach out is technology platforms which gives them access to the best practices, mentors as well as help in crowdfunding,” said Aruna Sundarjan on why women can be great beneficiaries of technology.

In an era where women are striving to be economically independent, Facebook’s move to encourage women to work is a great idea.

Charvi Is An Intern With SheThePeople.TV