Four Contemporary Women Authors Writing Horror Flicks

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When you compare the Indian horror genre with Stephen King’s stories, you don’t get much enthused to read it. Probably in your head the terms ‘Chudail’, ‘Bhootni’, ‘Daaiyan’ replace the so-called English words like ‘Vampire’, ‘Zombie’, ‘Werewolf’. But in the end, all supernatural things work effectively if the author knows how to present it. Isn’t it?

But when it comes to Indian authors who write horror books, we tend to ignore the genre altogether. But here are some Indian women authors who seek to change the way we think or read in India. These authors will leave you mortified with their spine-chilling stories. Be ready to get goosebumps.

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Minakshi Chaudhry: – The bestselling author and former journalist lives in Himachal. She is known as a devoted observer of people, culture and lifestyles. To her credit, she has the bestselling series ‘Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills’ and ‘More Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills’.

Minakshi Chaudhry – Author and former journalist

Minakshi Chaudhry – Author and former journalist (Pic By Cuttingloose.in)

The book is a collection of stories which unveil the ghosts and spirits of Shimla. Minakshi weaves in a bundle of unheard tales and secrets which she gathered while travelling extensively throughout Himachal Pradesh.

Other titles by her are: Love stories of Shimla Hills, Whispering Deodars, Writings from Shimla Hills, Destination Himachal: 132 Offbeat and 12 Popular Getaways, Sunshine: My Encounter with Cancer.

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Jessica Faleiro: – Born in Goa, Jessica has lived in various parts of the world. A qualified Environmental Scientist and pursuing a career in international development, Jessica loves writing poems and short stories. She started writing at the age of 10. Her debut novel ‘Afterlife: Ghost Stories from Goa’ was published in 2012, and got her into limelight.

Jessica Faleiro, Author

Jessica Faleiro, Author (Pic By Jessicafaleiro.co.uk)

“Afterlife…”  is a story woven around a Goan family which meets for a get-together. The ghost stories revolve around reincarnation, exorcism and immoral priests.

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Venita Coelho: – Venita worked as a writer and director for the Indian television industry for over 15 years. She has documented the writer’s craft in her new book ‘Soap –Writing and Surviving Television in India’. Amongst the books she has written so far, ‘The Washer of the Dead: A Collection of Ghost Stories’ is worth a mention. The story unfolds in a land where ghosts speak for the voiceless. She has also written ‘Dungeon Tales’.

Venita Coelho, writer and director and now author (Pic By NDTV)

Venita Coelho, writer and director and now author (Pic By NDTV)

Venita is known for her award-winning soap Trikaal. She also scripted Dharma Productions We are Family. She also writes children’s plays, documentaries, ad films and multimedia stage shows.

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Kiran Manral: – Her recently published horror fiction, ‘The Face At The Window’, is grabbing a lot of attention from the lovers of the genre. Fashion101.in named her amongst the most stylish authors in India.

Kiran Manral - a journalist ,a mommy and an author (Pic By Literaturestudio.in)

Kiran Manral – a journalist ,a mommy and an author (Pic By Literaturestudio.in)

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Kiran is a former journalist, an avid blogger on gender issues and a full-time mother. A true feminist, she has also founded India Helps, an NGO that coordinates fundraising and assists disaster victims. Her debut novel, ‘The Reluctant Detective’ was published in 2011. She has also written ‘Once Upon A Crush’, ‘ All Aboard’ and ‘Karmic Kids’.

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